I have more than two decades of professional writing experience in journalism, public relations, advertising and marketing, fundraising communications, and crisis communications, among other areas.

Copywriting: Websites, brochures, staff biographies, rack cards, menus, mission statements, and more. I specialize in embedding message points into creative copy and channeling institutional voice (or helping you develop that voice). I also clean and update existing copy, and can help organizations synthesize the needs of various parties into a single website. 

Executive communications: Ghostwriting for non-profit leadership and educational administrators—letters, op-eds, annual reports, etc., with audience-segmented language and messaging.

Difficult correspondence: I have a conversational process that will help you develop your communication, whether you’re addressing a local matter with City Council or reaching out to your estranged parents.

Personal profiles: Short articles and longer stories to highlight volunteers, alumni, donors, CEOs, employees, artists, writers, entertainers, and thinkers.

And more: Local media relations strategy, light dramaturgy, book and movie reviews, helping you articulate your ideas and plans.